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A Guide for Establishing a Pet Grooming Business



If you love animals and would like to work for yourself, you can consider a pet grooming business.


This business is not only about washing dogs. It includes trimming nails, cleaning ears, brushing teeth and shaving the animal's coat in fashionable ways. The pet may be a cat, dog or any other type of animal.


You choose how to operate your pet grooming business. You might have the clients drop the pets at your house, or you can establish a mobile business. The options are many. Starting this business does not necessitate that you become certified.  Read widely on the various dog grooming schools in your locality and select one that fits your needs. Try finding one that provides actual pet grooming management classes.


Once you have completed your training or while you are in training, you can start to come up with a pet grooming business plan. Because you will incur some startup costs for your insurance, training license and pet grooming software at 123petsoftware.com, having a business plan may help you to get a loan to get started.


It is estimated that this industry will grow over 10% in the next few years. This means that your pet grooming business will grow fast as long as you are professional at all times. This also indicates that you will have to do some office work every day also. Check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pet to understand more about pet grooming.


It might be hard to determine the pricing, but some phone calls to local grooming salons or people who do grooming will give you an idea of what services you should be offering and an estimation of the fees. You will also have to decide if your business will only be for dogs or you will groom other pets too.


Since your business is client-oriented, you will have to build a customer list. The best way to do this is to build your reputation in your community. You can put flyers at veterinarian offices, pet stores, and animal shelters. You can come up with a press release for radio stations and local newspapers. You may even provide your services to the local animal shelter. In case they like your work, they will refer other customers to you.


You should plan to attend cat and dog shows to keep on top of trends. Attend pet grooming conventions and expos. You can subscribe to industry magazine also and check the net frequently. There are websites which can help those starting out their business by providing a calendar of events and training. Get grooming software here!